PHP is one of the most commonly used web programming languages. It is very popular because it’s free software, which can be used to set up interactive sites like community websites, Internet shops or online teaching sites instead of static HTML-based sites. A PHP module must be present on the web server where a PHP site is hosted so that its PHP code can be interpreted. Since there are no license fees for such a module and the language offers countless possibilities for the Internet applications that you build, there are hundreds of millions of PHP websites. On top of that, there’re a multitude of open-source PHP scripts, which you can use for your websites without having to possess any coding abilities. Since there are different versions of PHP, you need to confirm that the same version that you used whilst creating your site is activated on the server as well.

PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7 and PHP 8 Support in Cloud Web Hosting

We have decided not to restrict our present and future customers from picking the PHP version that their sites will use, which means that in case you purchase a cloud web hosting plan from our company, you will be able to choose between versions 4, 5 and 7, not only for the web hosting account as a whole, but also for each domain name hosted by you. This can be done with only one click of the mouse from our custom-built Hepsia Control Panel via which all accounts are managed, which is the reason why you won’t need to possess any coding or technical capabilities. You’ll be able to manage sites based on both new and old PHP scripts without having to deal with any impediments, so if you’d like to change your present web hosting services provider and switch over to us, you can rest assured that all the websites that you’ve developed over the years will continue to run perfectly.

PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7 and PHP 8 Support in Semi-dedicated Servers

It’s our unwavering conviction that several years spent setting up a site should not be lost, so in case you buy a semi-dedicated server from us, you will be able to use any script, regardless of whether it’s new or old. In contrast with lots of hosting vendors, we support several different PHP versions on our revolutionary cloud platform – 4, 5 and 7. Not only will you be able to enable the needed version through your Hepsia Control Panel, but you will also have the opportunity to specify a different PHP version for each single website. This can be done merely by inserting an .htaccess file into the given site’s root folder. You can change the version not only for a single website, but also for the whole account and the new settings will be applied in just a few minutes. With our hosting services, you can rest assured that you won’t ever face any website incompatibility predicaments.